Company Name: Elite Computer Education Institute, Kartarpur – Jalandhar
Slogan: “Your Career is our concern”
Education Moto “Your Foundation For Life”OUR MISSION”
To become India’s top IT Education company, committed to delivering world class IT solution & Infrastructure for its Students. 
Credibility: It is the most important thing for us…. Something we never compromise on. 
Integrity: Our organization comprises of people whose integrity is never in question. It shows in the way we conduct our business and ourselves. 
Responsibility: We know our responsibility, be it as individual or as an organization. Our every activity is born out of meticulous planning and is reflected in the way we provide cost effective, quick and reliable quality solutions and services to our valued customers. 
Respect: Our employees are our most valued assets. We encourage creative and intelligent thinking that inspire all abilities to match global performance standards. 
Excellence: We strive to excel at all times. 

Elite Computer Education Institute is an aspiring information technology company dedicated to provide complete IT Education solutions to the industry. Elite Computer Education Institute is a leading global provider of business software, offering best in class products that define the market for high volume, packaged enterprise application. Elite Computer Education Institute delivers the most comprehensive education to integrated, compliant software improving core business process, including enterprise resource planning, manufacturing, distribution, service operations, supply chain management, sales and customer management, and corporate administration. Through its open architecture and unique Dynamic Enterprise Modeling system that simplifies planning and design. Established in 1999, We provide IT Education, technology strategy, systems design, architecture, applications implementation, network infrastructure, systems integration and managed services. Elite Computer Education Institute is equipped with latest hardware software and data communication facilities in its Jalandhar and Kartarpur office and will shortly will opening branch offices in some other parts of the country. Elite Computer Education Institute is providing IT services in following areas.
Software Solutions: 
• Education and Training 
• Software Consulting 
• Software Development 
• ERP implementation 
• IT Enabled Services

Internet and Telecom:
• Portal Development
• Strategic Web Planning
• Web Hosting
• Web Designing
• E-commerce

• Software Consultancy
• Software Application
• Quality Computer Education
• Quality Assurance
• Quality Management
• Well-trained and Professional Team
• Customer Satisfaction  

Manpower Consultancy: Elite Computer Education Institute has set out with a vision of helping clients to execute their projects by quickly extending highly talented and technical skilled manpower. Elite Computer Education Institute has the capability to assist its client’s in all sectors of Information Technology and Software Engineering. Our clear understanding of the client’s requirements along with market penetration, leads to effective solutions expected only from an industry leader. 

Web Based Services: The fundamental change in a business practice, supported by technology is e-commerce. As more and more individuals and organizations gain access to the net, the frequency of transactions over the net will increase. In keeping with this trend, Elite Computer Education Institute specializes in designing and building static, dynamic and e-commerce web sites interfaced with back-end databases.

Education & Training: We are the channel Partner of Elite Punjab Corp. a well-known name in the field of Information Technology that develops Various Software & Provide IT Training to Various Government Departments.  

Special Features: 
• Elite Computer Education Institute provides need based training identifying the companies and clients need for skilled professionals and absorb them in the company itself. 
• State of the art technology lab for the students to have easy access. 
• The training will be supplemented by in-house project managers so that from the very beginning the trainee start getting a first hand 
• Experience of real-life assignments, which include client interaction, project dynamics, and time scheduling. 
• Elite Computer Education Institute has formulated a structured system of assessment off facilitate proper development of trainees. 

Following courses are currently on: 
• Four months project oriented training in e-commerce,
• 10 months extensive training in e-commerce + ERP + SCM + CRM
• Graduate level computer application programs along with functional education.
• Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology (One Year)
• Master Diploma in Information Technologies (Two Year)
• Diploma in Computer Application (One Year) & many more…